Ice Skating Tights, Mondor Evolution Footed Tights
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Footed matte finish tights. Great for competition. This 3D Lycra® product is knitted with soft Meryl® SkinlifE yarn, a unique blend that provides the soft touch, the comfort and the performance of microfiber yarn along with the quality, durability and practicality so often desired by all consumers.

This special fiber holds permanent bacteriostatic properties which mean that the fiber maintains a natural balance on the skin, regardless of the level of physical activity.
Excellent moisture absorption capacity.

Washing: Due to the fact that the bacteriostatic agent is present in the actual polymeric fabrication of the yarn, this permanent feature and it does not wash away. Normal washing instructions apply.

These are clearance tights. Brand new in the package. We have too many and need the extra room. These are a final sale, no refunds or exchanges.

  • Manufacturer: Mondor
  • Condition: New

Clearance! - Mondor Evolution Footed Tights 3337

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