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Chloe Noel Blade Blankies Knit Gloves
Chloe Noel Skate Blade WipersClearance! Knit Stretch Gloves
Chloe Noel Skate Blade Wipers are soft and furry on one side with absorbent terry on the opposing side. Hanger clip added so that you can attach to your skate bag to keep from getting lost. Available in various colors.Gloves for ages 7 and OLDER.



Plush Fleece Throw Grippy-Pro Protective Figure Skating Gloves
Clearance! Plush Fleece Throw/BlanketGrippy-Pro Protective Figure Skating Gloves
Super soft plush fleece throw. Great to have at the rink to stay warm while watching your favorite skater! Available in several colors.Grippy-Pro Protective Skating Gloves. Designed and tested by professional skaters to protect hands during a blade catch as well as during a fall all while keeping the hands warm. Available in Child L - Adult M sizes.




Kinzie's Closet Gift Certificate Sk8tape, Figure Skate Tape
Kinzie's Closet Gift CertificateSk8tape
Not quite sure what to buy for your special skater? Try a gift certificate! Gift certificates can be used to purchase any item.Sk8tape, figure skate tape protects leather from the usual unavoidable scratches, scrapes and scuffs of skating. Sk8tapeĀ® is waterproof and stays on when skating, yet it can be easily removed when you want it removed. Available in several colors in Narrow and Wide sizes.



Waxed Figure Skate Laces Wipe N' Dry Chamois for Figure Skates
Waxed Figure Skate LacesWipe n' Dry Chamois
Waxed Figure Skate Laces in assorted colors and lengths.Wipe n' Dry Soft chamois leather cloth. When you dry your skate blade the natural oils of the cloth help prevent rust.



Zuca Spotz Lunchbox Case Ice Skate Gel Blade Guards
ZUCA Spotz LuchboxClearance! Figure Skate Blade Guards - Crystal
This adorable lunch box has been designed to complement the ZUCA rolling product line by fitting neatly on top of the seat and attaching securely to the telescoping handles.Deluxe two-piece guards with springs in the middle and rhinestone accents both on the ends and along each of the sides Trim to fit any skate blade.





Chameleonz Skate Blade Guards Holiday Velvet Gloves
Chameleonz Skate Blade GuardsHoliday Velvet Mitt Gloves
Deluxe two-piece gel guards. Trim to fit any skate blade.Plush velvet mitt with white/silver marabou trim. Great holiday accessory addition to any costume! Available in children's sizes.



Little Hotties Hand Warmers Little Hotties Toe Warmers
Little Hotties Hand WarmersLittle Hotties Toe Warmers
Little Hotties warmers are an odorless, environmentally friendly heat source that provide warmth and comfort in all cold conditions. Little Hotties can be used by athletes, outdoor enthusiasts, sportsmen, spectators, skiers, construction workers...Little Hotties warmers are an odorless, environmentally friendly heat source that provide warmth and comfort in all cold conditions.



Blade Buddies Gel Knee Pads
Jerry's 1261 - 1277 Blade Buddies Ice Skating SoakersBunheads Gel Knee Pads
Blade Buddies Blade Covers made by Jerry's Skating World. The cutest way to cover your blades. ONE-SIZE-FITS-ALLGel Knee Pads for Dancers and Skaters. Two sizes available.



Marabou Feather Trim Sonic Tip Hockey Laces
Marabou TrimClearance! Sonic Tip Lace (Black or White)
Marabou Feather Trim. 2 yard strips. Available in Black, White or Pink.Sonic Tip laces are tipped using a patented sonic-fusion system. The results are heavy, durable laces with a tip that does not fray, crack or break off. Available in 132".




Bunheads Bun Builder Jr Figure Skating Accessories Package
Bunheads Bun BuilderIce Skating Accessories Package
Builds perfectly neat buns in 3 easy steps. 1 per package. Choose from Adult or Youth sizes.Great beginner skate accessories package!

Package Includes:

1 Wipe-n-Dry Chamois

1 Pair Solid Color Skate Guards

1 Pair Terry Soakers

1 Deluxe Skate Bag



Critter Covers Skate Blade Soakers Hockey Skate Guards
Critter Covers Skate Blade CoversClearance! Hockey Blade Guards
Critter Covers protect your blades from chipping, prolong your sharpening and absorb excess water to help prevent rusting. Each pair of soakers also comes with a durable backpack clip, so that they can be hung on your skating bag.Hockey BladeGards feature drain holes and simple attachment for any size hockey skate.




Rockerz Skate Blade Guards Pro-Tech Skin
Rockerz Skate Blade GuardsPro-Tech Skin 1.25 oz Jar
Rockerz Skate Guards are a fun and colorful way to rock through your walk! Patented curved bottom is designed to reduce impact and increase mobility.Serious Protection for Dry, Sensitive, Damaged, Irritated Skin. Creates a natural barrier to retain your body's moisture and keep skin from drying out.



TuffTerrys Soakers ZOOkerz Figure Skate Blade Covers
Clearance! TuffTerrys Ice Skating SoakersZOOkerz Figure Skating Soakers
TuffTerrys are reinforced on the bottom, both inside and outside, with durable polypropylene. They offer a greater degree of protection from sharp blades while wicking away the moisture to help keep them rust free.Protect your blades with these adorable soakers! They are soft and puffy and they talk! One size fits all. Squeeze their heads and they make animal sounds appropriate for the type of animal.




Zuca Pencil Case Chloe Noel Blade Blankies
ZUCA Pencil CaseChloeNoel Blade Blankies Ice Skating Soakers
Want to make your pencils look extra sharp? This case-in-point holds an assortment of writing elements (and other gadgets) and comes in a rainbow of colors.Chloe Noel Blade Blankies are soft blade covers with extra stuffing for blade protection. The inside is lined with cotton material to prevent rust. Blade Blankies are available in various animal styles and colors.




ChloeNoel Boot Covers Deluxe Glitter Ice Skate Blade Guards
ChloeNoel Boot Covers Ice Skate Blade Guards - Glitter
Chloe Noel Boot Cover uses the same Sanded Poly Spandex fabrication as their classic skate pants. It can stretch 1.5 times in length and width and the fabric is Dry-Wick treated. Sizes: Junior, AdultDeluxe Glitter two-piece figure skate guards. Trim to fit any skate blade.



Ice Skate Gel Blade Guards Ice Skate Blade Guards
Figure Skate Blade Guards - GelIce Skate Blade Guards - Solid
Deluxe two-piece gel guards. Trim to fit any skate blade.Deluxe two-piece guards. Trim to fit any skate blade.



Figure Skater Magnet Furry Soakers
Figure Skater MagnetFluffy Skate Blade Covers
Show your skating pride with this figure skating magnet.Fluffy figure skate blade covers. ONE-SIZE-FITS-ALL



Furry Gloves Figure Skate Laces
Furry GlovesFigure Skate Laces
Gloves for ages 7 and OLDER.Figure Skate Laces in assorted colors and lengths.



Knit Gloves Ice Skating Key Chain
Knit Stretch GlovesMini Blade Guard Keychains
Gloves for ages 7 and OLDER.Mini blade guard keychains. Choose from a variety of colors.



Flashing Fiber Optic Skate Guards Lace Hook
Figure Skate Blade Guards - Light Up!Skate Lace Hook & Tightener
Flashing Fiber Optic Skate GuardsSkate Lace Tightener and Lace hook for Roller Skates, Ice skates, Inline skates and all boots or shoes that require extra strength to tighten. Designed for Artistic or Hockey Boots. Pulls Laces up nice, fast and tight for better fit. An important...



Sno-Seal Soft Paws Furry Soakers
Sno-Seal 7oz JarSoft Paws Skate Blade Covers
Sno-Seal Original Beeswax Waterproofing protects leather from rain, sun, snow, and salt. Prevents water from penetrating leather.Super Furry and super cute! Soft Paws furry figure skate blade covers will keep your blades moisture free in style! Choose from several colors.

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Swarovski Crystals Swarovski Crystals
Swarovski Crystals - Crystal AB (Aurore Boreale) 2028 Hot FixSwarovski Crystals - Crystal Clear 2028 Hot Fix
Swarovski Crystals 2028 Flat Back Hot Fix. Available in sizes 12mm, 16mm or 20mm. Sold in 1 Gross packets (144 pieces). The back of these rhinestones have a pre-applied heat sensitive adhesive and are attached using heat. You must have a Hot Fix Applicator to apply these stones!Swarovski Crystals 2028 Flat Back Hot Fix. Available in sizes 12mm, 16mm or 20mm. Sold in 1 Gross packets (144 pieces). The back of these rhinestones have a pre-applied heat sensitive adhesive and are attached using heat. You must have a Hot Fix Applicator to apply these stones!



Terry Cloth Figure Skate Blade Soakers Toddler Knit Gloves
Terry Cloth Ice Skating SoakersKnit Stretch Gloves - Toddler
These blade covers feature a unique wick-away liner and super-absorbent terry cloth fabric to keep your blades free from excessive moisture.Toddler Knit Gloves for ages 6 and under. Choose from a variety of colors.



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