Paramount 440SS Ice Skate Blade - Gold Seal
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The PARAMOUNT 440SS blades are made from a lightweight aerospace aluminum holder and a 440 stainless steel runner. The aluminum holder makes them incredibly light weight yet strong to provide power and support when jumping. The 440C stainless steel is the highest grade, highest wear metals used in the industry which means a longer life for the blade and less time between sharpenings.

Patterned with a 12" profile exactly like the Gold Seal, it is the ideal blade for advanced skaters. Perfect for those working on doubles, triples and quads.

  • 12 in radius in front
  • 8 foot Rocker
  • Cross Cut Toe Pick
  • 4 mm thick
  • Sizes Available: 8.25 - 11"
  • Sold as a Pair
  • Manufacturer: Paramount
  • Condition: New

Paramount 440SS Figure Skate Blade - Gold Seal Profile

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