Harlick Classic Skate Boot
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The Boy's Harlick Classic Figure Skating Boots are made with no additional ankle reinforcement and Two Layer Construction. This is the softest support boot. The Harlick Classic stock boot is available with the standard options listed below.
  • Black Elk tanned outer leather (shown on boot image).
  • Smooth Clarino lining.
  • Achilles Tendon Padding.
  • All leather soles and heels.
  • Tempered Steel arch shank.
  • Boys/Mens soles are finished with black wax.
  • Solid brass hooks.
  • Polyurethane memory foam tongues.
  • Specially treated hard leather counters.
  • Rolled top lining edges to eliminate edge bite.
  • Blade sold separately.

Modifications to the stock boot are available without having to purchase a full custom boot. Extra charges for those modifications do apply.

This skate recommended for the following test levels:
USFSA Basic 1-7
ISI Alpha-Delta, Freestyle Test 1,2
Skate Canada Canskate Stages 1-5

For best results measure your foot according to Harlick Measurement Instructions and find your size. Harlick suggests taking measurements while sitting. However, we also suggest taking measurements while standing.
Harlick Measurement Instructions
Harlick Size Chart

Combo Width - Most skaters are a standard width. However, for skaters who have a heel more narrow than the ball of their foot, combination widths are available. Combination width with one width difference (Example: C ball and B heel width or B ball and A heel width, etc.). Double combination widths are available with a two width difference (Example: C ball and A heel width or B ball and AA heel width, etc.). If you have any questions about measurements or skate sizing, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help you. kinziescloset@bellsouth.net

X-Line Design: a special boot that allows for a rounder toe box, fuller arch, and narrower heel. Click on photo images for view of the X-Line design.

Lightweight Design: A hybrid combination of carbon graphite and leather soles technology to provide a boot that is up to 30% lighter. Click on photo images for a view of the new lightweight design boot. To learn more CLICK HERE

Please note: Calf Leather and suede will be less stiff than Elk Leather. Choose the stock model accordingly. You may need to step up a level of support to compensate.

The chem glaze with glitter option is with a heavy coat of glitter.

Production/Delivery Time: Allow approximately 7-8 weeks for all boot orders. Some orders may take as little as 2-4 weeks, some may take as long as 10 weeks depending on requested modifications.

IF YOU SHOULD DECIDE TO CANCEL...Refunds will only be given if cancellation is within 24 hours. ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS.

  • Manufacturer: Harlick
  • Condition: New

Boy's Harlick Classic Figure Skating Boots

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