Skating Safe Crash Pad Retention Sleeve
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Skating Safe Crash Pad Retention Sleeves. Holds the Skating Safe kneepads, elbow pads and ankle/foot gel pads in position. Versatile, multifunctional and very thin. Sleeve edges will not cause discomfort.
  • Made of compression hose material: 11.9% Lycra, 88.1% Nylon, Latex Free.
  • For skaters who don't wear tights and fits most children and adults.
  • Odor/Bacteria Resistant (May be washed with mild soap.)
  • One Color, Light Tan.
  • Small sleeve fits children - small adults.
  • Large sleeve fits small adults - large adults.

This is ONE Sleeve! Pads sold separately!

Per our return policy, this item may not be returned.

  • Manufacturer: Skating Safe
  • Condition: New

Skating Safe Crash Pad Retention Sleeve

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