Stink-eez Dolphin Pals Skate Deodorizer
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Stink-eez are the perfect sports accessory. Great for skating boots, hockey skates, gym bags and lockers. They are also the perfect accessory for everyday shoes and boots. Insert the easy-slide Stink-eez into the toe of your empty shoes or boots. Stink-eez wicks away moisture and odor from the inside of footwear. Available in Vanilla or Cinnamon.

Stink-eez will continue to work for at least a year. For best results leave in overnight and when not in use. Rejuvenate Stink-eez powerful desiccant by placing in a pillowcase and putting in a medium heat dryer for 5-10 minutes.

  • Manufacturer: Fresher Footwear
  • Condition: New

Stink-eez Dolphin & Fringe Pal Deodorizer

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