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We have everything you need to help you excel in figure skating and cheer. Need Cheer apparel? Shop Kinzie's Closet. New to figure skating? Kinzie's Closet will help you find the right skate and the right size. Kinzie's Closet is a great place to shop for figure skating apparel, figure skates, figure skating boots, and cheer apparel. Figure skating and cheer are demanding sports. Figure skaters need equipment that will support them and help them achieve their dreams. So Kinzie's Closet provides the best selection of Riedell skates, Jackson Skates, Risport skates, and Edea skates for our customers. Jackson figure skates have been the top pick of coaches world wide for skates. We also have inline skates, roller skates, pic skates, and more. With artistic roller skates you can do the same things on the ice. Practice your skills with pic skates, quad roller skates, inline skates and more. The Jackson artiste, elle and classique figure skates are top quality beginner ice skates. The Jackson Freestyle, Evo, Debut and Premier figure skating boots are great for intermediate skaters. The Jackson Elite and Elite Supreme figure skating boots are for advanced figure skaters. If you want Riedell ice skates, We have a great selection of Riedell skates as well. The Riedell 119 Emerald, Riedell 133 Diamond, Riedell vega, and Riedell 223 Stride are great for beginner skaters. The Riedell 229 Edge, Riedell 255 Motion and Riedell 435 Bronze Star are for intermediate skaters. The Riedell 875 Silver Star, the Riedell 1375 Gold Star and the Riedell 3030 Aria are for advanced skaters doing double and triple jumps. If you want Risport, we carry the best selection and prices of Risport skates on the market. From the Risport scott hamilton figure skates for beginners to the Risport RF3, Risport RF3 Pro, Risport Royal Pro figure skating boots to intermediate skaters, we have you covered. More advanced skaters will prefer the Risport Royal, Risport Royal Elite, Risport RF1 Elite and Risport RF1 Exclusive. Edea skates are also the rage. The Edea Concerto, Edea chorus are great for beginner skaters. The Edea Ice Fly and Edea Piano are figure skating boots are for advanced skaters. We also provide the most fashionable apparel on the market like ChloeNoel, Jerry's and Icefire Skatewear to help them look their best during figure skating practice and figure skating competitions. If you are looking for figure skating pants, figure skating tops, figure skating tights or figure skating jackets, we have you covered. The ChloeNoel P06 and ChloeNoel P22 are the most popular figure skating pants. If you are looking for figure skating dresses, we have those in abundance. From practice figure skating dresses to competition skating dresses, we have the best selection. We also have a great selection of figure skating accessories like figure skate blade guards, skate soakers, skate blade covers from brands you know like Guardog and Rockerz. Need protection from falls? Get the Silver Lining padded capri's or shorts, or the gel knee padding so that when figure skating jumps don't go the way they planned, skaters can have a soft landing. Cheerleaders also want to look fashionable. So Kinzie's Closet has lots of cheer apparel that will help them look their best from cheer shorts to cheer shoes. The Nfinity cheer shoes and Nfinity backpacks are the most popular cheer shoes and cheer backpacks on the market. We have the latest cheer shoes like the Nfinity Flyte, the Nfinity Evolution, Nfinity Titan, Nfinity beast, Nfinity titan and the Nfinity Rival cheer shoes. We also carry cheer bags and other accessories. Shop Kinzie's Closet for all your ice skating and cheer needs.